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What to Expect

The City Tour

We want you to fit in. And, we want you to learn by methodically experiencing the unique cultural features of big cities. The knowledge you acquire will elevate your confidence, boost your health and wellness, as well as substantiate your local narrative. Our city tours offer comfortable experiences for small groups of up to 6 people and always include refreshments, transportation and a private guide. Click here to see our current tours


We provide you with:

    * Guides who are adept and cordial.

    * Extraordinary local intel.

    * Transportation and Resources.

    * Snacks and Refreshments.

    * Pick-up and Drop-off Service.

    * Bespoke experiences for luxury groups.



The Game

For private, corporate and school groups we offer a gamified experience that provides prize incentives. The game is called Unlockthecity and facilitated play lasts for up to 4 hours. The experience blends teamwork and problem-solving with street smarts and technology. Participants are cast into teams of three and score points when they post accurate content to the game's Facebook page. The top teams collect the most points in the least time.


An important distinction is that Unlockthecity is not a race, it's a game. The objective is to engage the city and collect points for the acquisition of accurate information. Not all teams start and finish at the same time. And, in the weeks prior to the each game, registered players will be linked to a digital game-board containing detailed navigation and clue info. Click here to learn more.