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What to Expect

The City Tour

We offer private custom curated city tours for groups of up to 6 sophisticated travelers. The experience is a comfortable way to explore urban culture while appreciating luxurious lifestyle amenities. All tours include refreshments, transportation and a guide. See current tours. By highlighting the unique features of each city, Urban Expeditions can help you develop an enduring local knowledge of Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York and Chicago. This knowledge will translate into a narrative that enhances confidence, physical and mental health.

We will provide you with:

    * Guides who are adept and cordial.

    * Transportation and Resources.

    * Snacks and Refreshments.

    * Pick-up and Drop-off Service

    * Bespoke experiences for luxury groups.



The Game

The game is called Unlockthecity, a 4 hour experience that blends teamwork and navigation with street smarts and technology. Teams score points when they post accurate content to our Facebook and tag us on Instagram. The winning teams must collect the most points in the least time.


Not all teams start and finish at the same time. In the weeks prior to the game, participants will be linked to a digital game-board containing navigation and clue info. Printed game-boards are issued to registered teams on game-day and contain comprehensive clue and image information.


Up to 100 teams play at once. Teams are comprised of 3 people. We limit participation to enhance fidelity and player experience. See current games. Official scores and times are tabulated at the finish location. Winners are announced within 24hours on our social media. Welcome to the human race!