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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The City Tour

  • Q1. What is a city tour?
  • A1. A 4 hour urban adventure that includes transportation, refreshments and a guide.
    • Q2. Where is the Start Location?
    • A2. City tours can conveniently start from your home, office or hotel.
    •  Q3. Where is the Finish Location?
    •  A3. City tours can end at any reasonable location determined by the group.
    • Q4. Do city tours accommodate families?
    • A4. Yes.
    • Q5. How large of a group can enjoy at tour?
    • A5. We specialize in facilitating small groups up to 6 people.
    • Q6. How much does a city tour cost?
    • A6. Most city tour fees start at $250 for a group of 3 people.
    • Q7. Are multi-lingual guides available?
    • A7. Yes. In most cases, advanced booking is required.
    • Q8. Can you do a tour from one person?
    • A8. Yes, though you will be billed for a minimum of 3 people.
    • Q9. What's a city tour passport?
    • A9. A city tour passport is essentially a custom designed map.
    • Q10. Do you conduct tours for large groups?
    • A10. Yes. Advance booking is required.



    The Game

    Q1. What is an Unlockthecity game?

    A1.  It's a 4 hour competitive experience requiring navigation, problem-solving and teamwork.


    Q2. Where is the Start Location?

    A2.  Start locations vary depending on the game. We do this to help you experience different regions of the city. Read the game info carefully when registering.


    Q3. Where is the Finish Location?

    A3.  Finish locations vary depending on the game. We do this to help you explore different regions of the city. Read the game info carefully when registering.


    Q4. Do I have to use FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM?

    A4. No, but this game has been optimized for social media and it'll be hard to win without this digital support.


    Q5. Do I need to have a team?

    A5.  Yes. Find two friends!


    Q6. How much does it cost?

    A6.  The registration fee is $150/team.


    Q7. Do I need to run?

    A7.  No. Running is not required but quick movements may benefit your time score.


    Q8. How do I score points?

    A8.  Teams score points by posting images and correct answers directly to our Facebook . Remember, you'll need to 'like' us first.


    Q9. What's a game-board?

    A9.  Our patented game-boards serve as a navigation and information tool. Printed game-boards are issued to registered teams at the start location.


    Q10. Are games run in different cities?

    A10. Yes. Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, New York and Chicago.


    Q11. Do you accommodate private groups?

    A11. Yes. For more information on booking a private or corporate game, send a message to our Sales Team.


    Q12. What about the prizes?

    A12.  Prizes differ from game to game and offer participants a chance to win a range of cool stuff. Winners are announced on our Facebook 24 hours after the game concludes. Typical prizes include travel vouchers, iPods, iPads, and gear. Prizes may be couriered to winners within 30 days. Prizes are non-transferable and non-refundable.