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Unlockthecity | Black History Month | Toronto  Feb. 16th, 2020


Unlockthecity | Black History Month | Toronto Feb. 16th, 2020

$50.00 per group
The fastest way to explore the historical, current and future narrative of Toronto's local African and Caribbean communities is to play this game.

Unlockthecity is a 4-hour experience for small teams who must find up to 20 unique urban locations, collect points and solve clues for a chance to win great prizes. Top teams finish the game with the most points in the least time. Teams are encouraged to use strategic play and mobile technology to unlock the secrets of the city.

This game connects people to each other and local urban culture. Unlockthecity is not a race. Teams may start and finish at different times. The game can move quickly, but running isn't necessary nor beneficial. Move at your own pace. Build your own adventure. Everybody wins, but only points get you prizes.

Teams are allowed to navigate the city using public transportation, however the game is designed to make walking the most efficient method of travel. Refreshments and restrooms are available at key locations along the way.

Each player has a role in their team's success. The Captain is responsible for safety and morale. The Navigator; time-keeping and travel strategy. The Tech is responsible for social media and image narration. This is a casual recreational experience for the whole family. Dress comfortably. Arrive relaxed and ready for adventure.

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