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Unlockthecity | The Summer Saviour - Toronto | July 13th, 2020


Unlockthecity | The Summer Saviour - Toronto | July 13th, 2020

$25.00 per person

EVENT DATE | July 13th, 2020

EVENT NAME | The Summer Saviour

START TIME | 12:00pm

END TIME | 12:00pm

END DATE | July 26th, 2020


END LOCATION | App Enabled

REGISTRATION FEE |  ($25/person if playing for prizes)

Everyone wins when you play the Unlockthecity game, but only points get you prizes. If you're looking for a casual outdoor experience, click the link below to access the interactive game-board and use these two weeks to explore a new aspect of the city;

If you're playing for prizes, use the link below to register. When you add this game to your cart and complete the transaction, we'll send you a link to our app and exclusive access code.

This is the third game to enter the city after the quarantine orders and the experience is getting better. Take note of the new image capture feature on the mobile app and use it to verify your journey to any of the 20 unique locations. Your pics will help you and collect points for chance to win great prizes.

This game is the fastest way to explore the natural characteristics of the local park and waterfront scene while investigating the history and engineering related to city's topography. Have fun. For more game info click here.

Unlockthecity | Autumn Avenger | Toronto

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