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Unlockthecity 2019 - Toronto |  The Summer Savior


Unlockthecity 2019 - Toronto | The Summer Savior

$150.00 per group

EVENT DATE | Sept 29th, 2019

EVENT NAME | The Summer Savior

START TIME | 12:00pm

END TIME | 4:00pm

START LOCATION | TBA (Check the app)

END LOCATION | TBA (Check the app)

GAME FORMAT | One Team = 3 players



    1ST PLACE: 3x Via Rail Canada travel vouchers

    2ND PLACE: 3x Totum Life Science memberships vouchers

    3RD PLACE: 3x Enterprise CarShare membership vouchers

Join us on Sept 29th, 2019 for an exciting opportunity to explore the city. The afternoon includes a 4 hour experiential game where teams of four players travel the city, find unique locations and collect points.The winning teams  finish the game having collected the most points in the least time.
Unlockthecity | Proud Citizen | Toronto

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